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Our mission

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Martin, explaining our mission

'We build products and services to make the online environment safer. Focused on our core business, we work agile, cross-functional and result-oriented creating performant and highly available SaaS solutions for our customers. Our aim is to build modern serverless and cloud native applications and platforms to ensure smooth processes and great development opportunities for you.'

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Job offers

Our Tech Stack

We focus on cloud native enabled by the AWS tech stack
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Java is used by some of our tech teams, supports us with components with complex logic, mostly in combination with Spring Boot

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We use TypeScript in combination with the frameworks Angular and React in the frontend and also on the server-side with NodeJS

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We use Kotlin partly as an alternative to Java for server side solutions and for our mobile development

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Often, we rely on Python when we process or transform data. Occasionally, we also write services in it with the help of AWS Lambda

This is how we work

Each team decides for itself which way of working fits best - no matter if Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban or any other mixture that works best. All that counts for us is the best possible result.

More than an office job

We want you to enjoy your work, feel comfortable in your team and that the result of your work is as good as possible. Where you work - in one of our offices in Europe, at home, or with a camping table at the lake - is entirely up to you.


We place great value on communication and collaboration - both within a team and across departments. Through our open feedback culture and friendly and benevolent attitude, we bring together expertise and perspectives and grow as a team.

Domain Driven Design

For efficient systems, it is essential that our business and tech teams speak the same language. To achieve this, we adapt the Domain Driven Design approach into our way of working and use tools such as event-storming to ensure optimal collaboration.

A good job is more than just a desk in an office - this is how we do it:

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We love self-organised teams

Our matrix organisation enables our 12 current product teams to work in a self-organised and autonomous way and to develop our products independently and efficiently
The matrix organisation of Trusted Shops

The advantages

Focus on progress

The product owners develop product visions and fully concentrate on the further development of our products together with the product teams

Time for growth

Team leads support their teams and focus on the professional and personal development of their team members

Achieving goals together

This structure enables an efficient exchange at eye level between product team, product owner and team lead

We live the DevOps culture

Each team is responsible for developing its own products. You build it, you run it.
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Jan, Teamlead DevOps
Jan, Teamlead DevOps
'Our teams have the necessary skills to be able to completely take care of a product - from conceptual design to development and operation. In doing so, we rely as much on a modern tech stack as on agile ways of working.'

Programmed on knowledge sharing

We learn from each other and ensure a diverse exchange during working hours. When each employee progresses, we progress as a team and as a company


In our guilds, colleagues join forces across teams during their working hours to dedicate themselves to a current topic in a self-organised and practical way


We like to think outside the box and develop useful and creative solutions to problems in small events - whether work-related or not

Peer- /mob-programming

Together we develop the best code together. This way we can move forward with projects even more efficiently and learn from each other at the same time

Knowledge Marketplace

We use the knowledge that we already have. Everyone can contribute knowledge or search for it. This creates spontaneous training sessions among each other