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'I work from home, in a café, or in the office: it's impossible to get more flexibility!'

Julian, Sales Manager DACH
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Trust is the foundation of a positive cooperation and the basis for success. People want trustworthy brands that promote open communication and have offers that match their needs and wishes. It’s about all of us and the experiences we share. Digital trust is essential to have a positive exchange of experiences.

And for digital trust to grow, we need you.

More than just a workplace

We love freedom

We prefer to call it remote work rather than home office. It’s up to you to decide whether you prefer to work at home, in the office, or at a camping table by the lake

We trust you

We strive to create a basis on which everyone can develop and do the best possible job. What counts for us is the optimal result and that everybody is happy

We are a team

Whether we are brainstorming together in a group or connecting via video call, what always inspires us is a strong team spirit and mutual respect

Benefits at Trusted Shops

Enjoy many benefits that make your (working-) life even more enjoyable
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Health Pass

Do something for your fitness and health and enjoy an extra day of vacation

Trusted Shops flexible working

Hybrid working

Work in one of our offices (for example in Cologne, Amsterdam, or Barcelona) or from wherever you want

Trusted Shops Team

International Flair

We are colleagues from over 40 nations and work for 13 markets in 5 offices across Europe. That says it all, doesn't it?

Trusted Shops JobRad collaboration


Ride your dream bike/e-bike as a company bike in cooperation with JobRad

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Development opportunities

If you are making progress, we are all making progress. We support you according to your wishes and career goals

Trusted Shops events: caneval


We know one thing for sure: the Trusted Shops summer party is the best in Cologne. And so is the Christmas party!

Trusted Shops parent-child-room

Parent-Child Room

The perfect combination of toys, a large seat cushion, and a workstation

Trusted Shops rooftop terrace

Rooftop terrace

The rooftop terrace and lounge offer a wonderful view during a meeting, at lunch, or for an after-work beer

Trusted Shops Team in front of Colonius


During your lunch break, the cultural and culinary diversity of Ehrenfeld is at your disposal

Spirit of Trust

The manifesto for a better working athmosphere

We are all committed to trust - and we live for trust

A friendly smile will get you much further at Trusted Shops than a competitive attitude. To achieve this, we live an open error culture, we work with enthusiasm for good results, and promote all talents according to their individual needs. We all want to work together respectfully, openly, and honestly in a positive and results-oriented environment. Whether in the offices here in Cologne, at one of our other sites, or via digital channels for remote work, we always treat each other with kindness and work for the best possible result.

A happy team is no coincidence. Our manifesto for a positive and productive working environment:

Be real and show yourself

We have set ourselves clear objectives for our work, not least because our customers have clear needs and desires. The way we communicate with each other should be just as clear, e.g. with tangible tasks and objectives and a clear assessment of the time and effort required to reach them. Weasel words, vague feedback, and a ‘whatever’ approach are of no use to anybody.

Learn from mistakes

At Trusted Shops, we are where nobody has been before – right at the forefront. Being pioneers in many areas, we can’t (nor should we) always get it right. What is crucial is that we acknowledge our mistakes, share them with others, and learn from them together. That’s the only way to become faster and more efficient!

Inspire your customer with your work

Whether you are in direct contact with our customers on a daily basis or you hardly get the chance to talk to any of them, everything you do is ultimately to ensure that our customers are satisfied. Your work is a crucial building block of our success and to us, success means satisfied customers.

Focus on results

The goal is even more important to us than the way to reach it. Whether you choose conventional ways or break new ground – it doesn’t matter. What matters is the result! Indeed, it’s the result that makes our customers happy. That’s why we all work together.

Grow and develop your talent

You are good. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. You also want to be better. And that’s great because we know that your skills contribute to our common success. Even if your talent doesn’t fit into the traditional career ladder, we want you to develop further – in new, individual, and creative ways.

Life and work at Trusted Shops

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