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We've been buying , before this order, several items from Fuxtecc ......and again : very good quality of goods at a nice price ( the only little remark is that theire deliverycost to Belgium is quit high )
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7 days after placing my order's still not delivered 2 days after orderdate , they did inform me that one of my jeans isn't in stock and have to be reorderd In there system , this one , was in stock I did purchase 4 jeans , to take them on holiday , I'm also facing the fact , that they won't be deliverd on time , between the next 2 days (9 days after orderdate ) sta
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Customer is angry because we refuse to deliver jeans to her. In Germany we say "what you shout in the wood comes back to ya". All others are satisfied with our service and products. Erfahrungen
My first order with CHRIST , and a very pleasant one .....kept well informed about my delivery ....which was very fast ....only a remark on my MICHAEL KORS watch MK 4335 , I do have some other watches from MK , a few years older collection , and this watch that I did order , looke's nice ....but by far , not in the same quality then my previous one's
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De handtas die ik bestelde kende ik reeds , daarmede mijn 5 hiervoor . Maar deze order heb ik jammer genoeg nooit ontvangen , daar deze helemaal niet in stock was , en dus niet leverbaar was Via mail , hiervan verwittigd .....beschamend dat dit uberhaupt mogelijk is
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Goedemiddag Marika, dank je wel voor je review. Wat onwijs jammer dat de tas toch niet meer leverbaar was. Mijn excuses hiervoor Dit kan om verschillende redenen zijn geweest. Bijvoorbeeld dat het artikel niet voldeed aan onze kwaliteitseisen of dat de tas toch helemaal was uitverkocht. Mocht je vragen hebben, ik hoor het graag. Groetjes, Liselotte | Omoda Webcare Erfahrungen
Like all other items that we did purchase from Fuxtec .....again , good quality and price Only remark is on the transportation with GLS to Belgium .....very long deliverytime ....and track&trace isn't always up to date
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