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I like the quality of some items, the USA does cottons well when designers and specifiers get things right. Making up is generally good, seams are solid and stitching is tensioned just right! Sizing is generally spot on, never skimped.
Delivery and customer service are fine, I had one problem over many orders, it was quickly sorted out.

Do better? Descriptions are often really 'puff' and som
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Much merchandise that is good, solid and desirable. Some 'turkeys' though, 'clumpy', drab, fussy or awkward US styling in some cases and mis-description in others. Peached woven cotton termed 'moleskin' being the latest to affect me.
Good Customer reviews
Some dependable 'staples' if you avoid the more 'naff' US styles!
Good Customer reviews
The usual . . . decent quality, fast delivery.
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Its time to stop the 'fake sales' especially when the prices change more than doubling between my beginning and checking out my order!
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