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You're so super efficient and quick already and your products are very good.
I wouldn't know how you could be better.
One suggestion springs to mind, if I may. I buy mainly nuts from you and once I cut the bag open to remove a few, I cannot close the bag again with a clip because there isn't 'enough bag'.
That's my only niggle.
I know they need to be packed airtight but maybe it's possible to ad
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As always, super efficient service, high quality products and very competitive pricing.
I have ordered from more than ten times. They have consistently high standards and are superfast. I ordered Sunday evening online and received my delivery by 3pm on Tuesday.
Thank you to Dan and the team.
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Excellent quality and highly efficient as usual.
Just a thought. If the bags the nuts come in were a little bit larger it would be easier to re-seal them with a clip after removing a small amount of the contents.
Thank you for your personal and efficient service , Dan. And also for the small discount.
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