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little confused:
more details, if need be, in the future:
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Where u satisfied? yes. Worth the wait. Pleasure in studying what I think is pro fession alism. ( Clever to whomever dreams, dramatizes, copies or elaborates/celebrates on previous idea's/inventions.)
Choices..... confusion or confession....
fEELINGS unsure:
(honestly im conceited) thinking only of oneself, without regard for the feelings or desires of others; self-centered.
"their egocentric
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the package helps ...
the rose supplier is appropriate...
he ha me c ... she he him her me.. mr mrs miss not forget ms...
276 I c...lost for words... more letters... no brain just brian...
PS... so far so good and acceptable... or would u like a whinge... the bum or belly bag the teeth are stuffed...
its oh kaye one side is sufficient............
44 now 41 now 30 now 23 now 16
still ap pr
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perfection is not part of my vocabulary .... only very good
kind regards
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