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What can I say Its just wonderfull service, if I could give 10 stars to each I would.
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I have used FutureShop many times, and on most occasions received the goods the next day. I did have a problem with one order out of 16 orders placed, but that was resolved.
Excellent Customer reviews
There where some problems with my previous order, but this time it was up to your usual high standard.
Excellent Customer reviews
Usually I receive the items the next day, only once has it been 2 days, this time however it took 4 days to arrive Apparently they where not sent out the day of my order as the email stated. One out of eight of the Banana Plugs I ordered is faulty. Having placed over 12 orders with you its a shame this one is not up to your generally excellent standards.
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I have ordered by phone many times and have always experienced very helpful assistants.
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