How to Start Selling Online with a Single Product

  • a year ago

If you’ve created a single product that you think can sell, you might be hesitant to sell it online for a number of reasons.

You might be thinking “who sells only one product on their website?" The truth is that plenty of companies do exactly that and some have been extremely successful doing it. In today’s blog, we’ll be giving you some guidance on how to get your single product online and the best practices to get shoppers to buy it.

Know your niche

In order to sell your single product, you have to know who your audience is. To have your single product succeed, it either has to be very unique or it has to be targeted towards a specific niche.

Keep your marketing persona in mind when designing your site. A customer persona (aka Marketing /Buyer Persona) is a description of your typical customer. Creating this persona can be very helpful when creating marketing campaigns as you’ll have a detailed summary of your ideal customer's lifestyle, income, education, hobbies, and concerns.

Sell safely with Trusted Shops

Your customer persona can include any information you think is relevant to understanding their personalities, priorities, and shopping habits.

For example, let’s say you sell a unique kind of herbal tea. With some research, you might discover that your typical customer is a middle-class, university-educated, 40-year-old mother of two, who does Yoga three times a week, reads two books per month, and only eats organic food.

Knowing this information makes marketing your product much, much easier (especially with all the micro-targeting options available today in online marketing). Many decisions can be made easier once you look at the problem through the eyes of your customer.

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