The power of real time experience feedback

Manage, analyse, and market authentic experience feedback at every touchpoint on your customer journey with eTrusted, the fully scalable software and API solution for enterprises of all sizes
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Feel the pulse of your customers

Authentic feedback with a picture of the customer

Improve your customer focus and online reputation

The analysis of your customer feedback lets you identify customer needs in real time and gives you the possibility to react to new trends perfectly.

With eTrusted, you improve the customer experience and build the online reputation your company deserves.

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Benefit from the scalable SaaS solution

The eTrusted platform was developed from the ground up as a fully scalable SaaS platform. It supports all common standards and can be easily integrated without changing running processes and systems. The system is operational in just a few hours, allowing you to collect valuable feedback at any touchpoint right away.

Enterprise-ready platform

With eTrusted, you benefit from the complete and easy-to-use toolbox for authentic experience feedback

Insights at all touchpoints

Feedback for process optimisation

Improved digital reputation

Personalisable, scalable, easy to use

Seamless connection to existing systems

100% GDPR compliant

Start leveraging the power of feedback now:

Over 30,000 businesses worldwide rely on eTrusted solutions

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