Trusted Shops enables permanent home office

  • 2 years ago

For some time now, the Corona virus has had us firmly in its grip. At the beginning of the pandemic, it was not yet foreseeable how badly the wave of infection would hit us. That's why Trusted Shops sent all of its employees to the home office as quickly as possible as a precaution. In the process, it has become clear over the past few weeks: All of them did a very good job from home. Therefore, Trusted Shops now wants to enable its employees to continue working from home.

Corona is currently changing the world of work and forcing many employees into the home office. What was initially intended to protect the health of employees has now turned out to be a valuable experience for Trusted Shops. "All employees have done a very good job from home during this time. They have been super supportive of each other. I have the feeling they have grown even closer together as a team," says Jean-Marc Noël, Managing Director of Trusted Shops. This leads to only one conclusion: in the future, too, the more than 600 employees will be allowed to work in their home offices, if they so choose.

"Working from home has proven its worth. In this way, we also want to adapt a bit to the new working world that will presumably emerge from the Corona crisis," says Noël. So even after the crisis, Trusted Shops employees will have the option of choosing their workplace.

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