What does the Trustmark mean for me?

  • 2 years ago

Identity & accessibility

The name and address of the retailer are easy to find and transparently displayed in the shop. It is possible to contact the shop quickly and easily, including by the telephone number.

Security & data protection

Personal data is only collected in the shop if this is permitted by law or if you have expressly agreed to it. You will be clearly informed about the use of your data. Furthermore, the shop must protect your personal data adequately against abuse.

Cancellation & returns

The cancellation policy clarifies under what conditions you can return your order e.g. if you do not like it. If the policy contains restrictions on cancellation, it is checked whether these are permissible – for example for hygiene articles or for tailor-made products.

Products & costs

All shops are checked to ensure that the products offered are described clearly and comprehensibly. All product prices, shipping costs and other additional costs are indicated transparently. With respect to consumers, costs for payments and pre-selected services are not permitted.

Order & transparency

During the trial order process, it is checked whether all legal requirements are met – and whether the ordering process is presented transparently from the first click to the receipt of the goods.

Service & shopping experience

In addition to the requirements in the online shop, we also constantly check the customer service and the entire shopping experience using various criteria. For example, the retailer’s rating must not be worse than 3.0.

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